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Western Collection

The Western collection of Romance sunglasses is made to look like the All-American Woman. These shades capitalize on the image of the hardworking woman in Midwest America, the girl who loves the great outdoors, who loves stars and stripes, and who isn’t afraid to get dirty. has specially designed the Romance Western sunglasses with gemstones embedded into the frame to capture this American look. These women love the idea of brightly colored gemstones and jewels on their frame with beautiful designs that depict the Midwestern culture. As extremely stylish eyewear, these wholesale sunglasses are eye-catching and gorgeous to wear. These shades are not made for the feminine type – they are not designed to look like designer shades or flash fashion sunglasses you can find at fashion stores. These sunglasses are made for the American Woman – a strong, independent character who appreciates the ruggedness of the American backdrop.

Designs on these wholesale Western Romance sunglasses include gemstones embedded into the frame with American-inspired designs and western-related logos. They are subtle designs that have an air of sophistication rather than flirtatiousness like the other sunglasses on the market. These sunglasses are designed to be large and bold so they will stand out on the face with designs that capture the eye. Priced at $60 and up per dozen, Romance Sunglasses in the Western collection are our most expensive brand – but for a good reason. The quality of the construction and gemstones in the frame come together for a beautiful pair of western-style sunglasses.

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