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Accessories provides high quality wholesale sunglasses cases at affordable prices.

As a wholesale sunglasses retailer or reseller, you should understand that it is not just about selling sunglasses. Sunglasses also require accessories and as an entrepreneur, you should be able to provide this for your customers as well. fully understands this and that is why the California-based wholesale sunglasses supplier also includes wholesale sunglasses cases in its extensive catalogue. The company has a dedicated section for sunglasses accessories and its banner product is the wholesale sunglasses case. offers various wholesale sunglasses cases that match the wholesale sunglasses styles in its catalogue. For example, the online wholesale eyewear supplier has special sunglasses cases for the XLoop sunglasses, and LOCS sunglasses.

Wholesale sunglasses cases also come in varied shapes and makes. There are soft leather cases, traditional leather cases, and metal and plastic cases as well. XLoop sunglasses come with a special box case for better storage. Meanwhile, GotShades sunglasses can be bought with special rhinestone or metal embellished cases in different colors. You can also stock up on larger-sized wholesale sunglasses cases, such as satchel-type bags. For those who prefer more compact cases for sunglasses, also offers pouch-type wholesale sunglasses cases. Pouch-type cases are available in various shades and prints and they can be bought in soft cotton-made types or hard leather-made varieties.

Aside from wholesale sunglasses cases, also provides other sunglasses accessories. The company also includes rubber and nylon chains and loops, which can be bought in several colors and designs.

For more than two decades now, has been providing top quality, trendy and most importantly, competitively priced wholesale sunglasses. Over the years, the company has expanded its inventory to products such as wholesale sunglasses cases and other accessories. The company, headquartered in Pomona, California, is among the online eyewear industry’s largest distributor of wholesale sunglasses. As an industry veteran mainly catering to people who are also entrepreneurs, the company prides itself in providing products that are not just affordable, but that are also durable and marketable. The company’s extensive catalogue features sunglasses for men, women, and even children, so retailers and resellers will surely find something for all types of customers. In addition, Got Shades’ wholesale sunglasses and wholesale sunglasses cases are trademarked so customers are always assured of top quality from the company’s trusted distributors. With a well-established network and constantly expanding product line, Got Shades’ wholesale sunglasses and wholesale sunglasses cases can be found in many mall kiosks, tradeshows, street fairs, convenience stores, and even on popular online business spaces such as eBay and Amazon, among many others.

The company’s mission is to be the leading online provider of top quality, fashionable, and affordable wholesale sunglasses and wholesale sunglasses cases to the masses. However, understands that this is not done by merely pricing their products lower than the competition, so the company always puts a premium on quality that will make customers always come back for more. Retailers and resellers can also enjoy more savings from by checking out the company’s clearance catalogue.

For wholesale sunglasses cases and other wholesale sunglasses accessories that are top quality, constantly updated, shipped fast, purchased hassle-free and chosen from a diverse product catalogue, there is only one online place to go to and that is .